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Staffing Solutions, Utah County

Our specialty is in national recruiting & staffing solutions. We’re able to combine the extensive resources of a world-renowned human resource organization with the local knowledge and expertise of our independent franchise owners. For the past 10 years, we have been at the forefront of staffing solutions. We have helped countless businesses find the employees they need, and aided people in finding meaningful jobs where they can grow & succeed. We have helped make the American workforce more competitive. we have helped create opportunities for workers in a changing economy.

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Our Areas Of Expertise

We have thousands of employees across the valley. Whether you’re looking to hire temporary, seasonal or contract employees. We make our services seamless and automated so the you can focus more on growing your business while we work on getting the right people for each position.


Our Manufacturing recruiters are extremely diligent in their proactive efforts. Our team will ensure that everything is covered when it comes to finding talented industry professionals who have dedicated much of their career to the manufacturing industry.

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Are you struggling to find the construction workers you need? We can help. Next Gen Staffing has provided workforce solutions for contractors and subcontractors alike in the construction industry. Plus, we are home to a team of specialized skilled trades staffing experts.

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Fulfillment / Warehouse

Your warehouse needs workers who can perform a variety of tasks over multiple shifts, and you may be spending valuable time trying to fill these positions. We’ll help maximize profits with an efficient staffing solution designed just for you.

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How we match employees with employers

We have hundreds of ready employees. Whether you’re looking for a temporary hire, contract to hire or direct hire. Next Gen Staffing is here to help you find the person that is right for your business. Our in depth application, interview and job experience match ensure the right fit for the right workplace.

We have the right fit for you.

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NextGen Staffing & Utah County Manufacturing

NextGen-Staffing is excellent at locating and placing qualified professionals in the areas of product design, assembly, programming, and controls engineering. Our recruiters have the necessary knowledge to identify the right people for jobs related to manufacturing engineering. They understand all the minute details that are important for finding the best person for any role and have proficiency in executive search in this field.  Our Recruiters stay up to date on the latest trends in the manufacturing and automation sectors by attending regular seminars, webinars, and various other forms of continuing education. Furthermore, we have memberships with professional organizations to constantly hone our matchmaking skills.  This helps us stay updated with the ever-evolving business technology trends.

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NextGen Staffing & Utah County Construction

NextGen-Staffing stands out as one of the best national industrial and commercial construction employment agencies, providing timely, quality services for its clients. Our construction recruiters in Utah have extensive knowledge of the market and are regarded as the go-to employment agency for top tradesmen & craftsmen. We are proud to be the top pick for people searching for job openings. Our process is designed to be both efficient and uncomplicated. To ensure efficiency and affordability, we go the extra mile to quickly match our clients with the right craftsmen or tradesmen. This way, projects can stay on track and within budget.

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