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Direct Temporary Seasonal Contract Hiring Solutions

Looking to solve your employee hiring challenges? We'll help you find the right people, quickly.

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Our Areas Of Expertise

We have thousands of employees across the valley. Whether you’re looking to hire temporary, seasonal or contract employees. We make our services seamless and automated so the you can focus more on growing your business while we work on getting the right people for each position.


Our Manufacturing recruiters are extremely diligent in their proactive efforts. Our team will ensure that everything is covered when it comes to finding talented industry professionals who have dedicated much of their career to the manufacturing industry.

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Are you struggling to find the construction workers you need? We can help. Next Gen Staffing has provided workforce solutions for contractors and subcontractors alike in the construction industry. Plus, we are home to a team of specialized skilled trades staffing experts.

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Fulfillment / Warehouse

Your warehouse needs workers who can perform a variety of tasks over multiple shifts, and you may be spending valuable time trying to fill these positions. We’ll help maximize profits with an efficient staffing solution designed just for you.

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How we match employees with employers

We have hundreds of ready employees. Whether you’re looking for a temporary hire, contract to hire or direct hire. Next Gen Staffing is here to help you find the person that is right for your business. Our in depth application, interview and job experience match ensure the right fit for the right workplace.

We have the right fit for you.

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Why Employers Choose Us

Our proven process ensures employee and employer satisfaction


Match Accuracy


Higher Retention Rate


Positions Filled

What To Expect

We are here to help you fill positions, and keep them filled. Don’t worry about looking for your next best hire, and let us do all the heavy lifting for you.


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Give us a call, or contact us through our contact form linked below to get an initial onboarding started.

Send us the jobs

Integrate with our system for every job position that is needed to be filled. We will then use our database to find the perfect match for the job.

Get back to business

Get back to focusing on what matters most for your business. We ensure a direct match for any position needed with satisfaction guaranteed.
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What Our Partners Are Saying

My experience with Next Gen Staffing was beyond amazing! They really care about their employees, I felt comfortable and appreciated from the beginning. They got me a job within days after applying, I'm currently loving my new job and would get another one through Next Gen if I ever decided to quit my current one. Would 100% recommend to anyone looking for a safe and friendly atmosphere to work in!

Mariana Uribe

We really have enjoyed working with Anayeli and the team, you guys are great. I feel we have a great long term relationship

John S.

They got me a job that I really enjoy! And they were able to do it fast and efficiently and they were so kind the entire time!

Sarah Smith

They helped me get the people I needed super quick and their staff is amazing! Super great agency

Joey Reev

Great company to work with. Always able to communicate clearly and have over delivered since the time we started to use them.

Yellow MFG

For Employers

We offer hands-on support with a professional team of agents to ensure that your questions get answered in a timely manner. Feel free to contact us on how we can help you place employees quickly and for the lowest rates in Utah!

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For Employees

Easily apply directly on our website to start your job match process. We will then contact you to get to know your interests, strengths and weaknesses.

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